Unique gift ideas for Father's Day

June 14, 2016

Let's face it, the tie as a Father's Day gift is just plain tired. And the new grill supplies are so been there, charred that. But what if you could turn those cliché gifts into something spectacular? Good news. You actually can revamp those old ideas and turn them into the perfect gift experience, and it's easier to do than you think. 

Check out this list of outstanding gift ideas for the No. 1 dad out there:

1. Give him a fishing pole, and then take him camping. 
Getting your dad something material like a fishing pole is a great idea, but then when you tack on a full-fledged family adventure, he'll feel like the luckiest guy in the world. A camping trip is a great time for bonding and creating memories that will last you a lifetime. Everyone will remember the time dad said he could catch a fish for dinner and mom had to come to the rescue with hot dogs and hamburgers later that day. Fill the trip with long hikes, canoe trips, campfire stories and s'mores and dad will be sure to have one special Father's Day.

Alternate camping gift ideas.
There are a ton of surprises you could give that would be the perfect supplement to camping. Also consider:

  • A tent
  • Animal or bird guides
  • Camping gear. 

2. Spice up a new tool box with the promise to help build something.
OK, this one might sound like you're making dad do chores around the house - but if your guy is good at building things, the promise to get to impart his technical wisdom on someone else will be a real treat for him. Are the kids always begging for a tree house? Does your backyard need a new deck? Or maybe, you could book a trip for the whole family to do some charity work through Habitat for Humanity or other similar programs.

If the kids are getting involved on the fun just make sure you use proper safety precautions and don't let them do more than they can handle - they'll likely want to play with the saw, but you know that might not be the best idea. Nonetheless, it'll be fun for the whole family to have a hand in the project!

Dad will love the extra family bonding time that these presents inspire!Dad will love the extra family bonding time that these presents inspire!

3. Give him a good read and then a fun night out.
Ask Men notes that funny-guy Judd Apatow - the comedian responsible for most of your favorite movies - has the New York Times best seller "Sick in the Head." This book is perfect for the classic dad who loves a good laugh. Make this a special gift by promising to take him to a night out at your nearest comedy club. The book can come from the kids, and the night out can be from you. Of course, if you don't have a comedy club nearby, or if there isn't any good talent scheduled in the near future you could always book a trip to big cities like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles for some of the best comedy venues in the country. This might be a good time to get him that new tie too!

4. Family FitBits and 5k training. 
Really bring your family together with some FitBits! Real Simple says that you can make your dads extra special with a leather accessory band instead of the traditional rubber one. But then spice it up by making a pact that you will all work train for a race together. You can work to develop a training plan together, and hold each other accountable for your new routine. Hold daily competitions to see who is getting the most steps in every day and plan out meals that will help fuel you for the big race. Overall, it'll be fun for the whole family to get healthy together. Run fast!

5. Get him a new camera and take him on a vacation for new pictures. 
If there's one thing dads love, it's taking pictures. They're usually the worst angle of you and one kid always has her eyes closed, but he won't stop taking them nonetheless. Bustle suggests getting dad a new camera so he can go pro with his pics. But don't let that camera collect dust! Take a minute to consider dad's dream vacation. Maybe it's just a trip to the Renaissance fair, or maybe it's a big international adventure. Whatever it is, plan it and surprise him with that as the new stage for his pictures. Warn your friends and family before you go though - their social media pages are about to blow up with new content from your family getaway.

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