Lose baby weight with your kids in tow

September 03, 2014

Working out can be tricky when you have a new baby, and even harder when it's not your first. But if your baby weight is a constant thought in the back of your head, you owe it to yourself to shed those pounds. Use these tricks to lose weight while still giving your kids all the attention they deserve.

Burn fat while walking
If you don't have a regular walking routine, it's a good first step toward losing weight. It doesn't have to be far, even just around the block is a good place to start. Pushing a baby stroller adds extra resistance, and if there's a hill in your route, you'll definitely feel the burn.

Once you're comfortable with your routine, add a few fat-burning exercises to help shake those last stubborn pounds. Good Housekeeping magazine recommends incorporating some lunges while you're pushing the stroller. Try to do a few sets of 10 every time you're outside with the baby. You can also practice lifting your knees up high as you walk to work your glutes.

If there's a park along your route, take a rest at one of the benches and squeeze in a few squats. You can do the standard version, or if your baby is awake, Good Housekeeping says to hold him or her and do a few sets of bench squats. All you do is sit down on the edge of the bench with your legs shoulder length apart, then stand back up. Your baby's extra few pounds will enhance your workout.

Stretch during playtime
If the weather isn't allowing you to get outside, use playtime as an opportunity for stretching. When you're sitting on the ground with your kids, start with a pike stretch. Your baby can lay on top of your legs as you reach for your toes. If you're laying on your stomach, practice a few cobra stretches. Leave your hips on the ground and lift your torso up to stretch your abdominal muscles. As you play, you can sit in a saddle stretch, with your legs in a V-shape.

These little tricks may seem insignificant, but they can go a long way toward helping you get your muscles toned, especially if you do them every day!

Healthy dieting
While you're doing these easy exercises, it's also important that you're eating right! Baby Center explains that you should give yourself at least six weeks to recover from delivery, but after that you can make some changes in your diet. The first step is to make sure you're eating consistently. Skipping meals won't help you lose weight, in fact, it might actually hinder your progress. Baby Center recommends having at least three meals per day with healthy snacks in between.

You'll also want to be cognizant about what you're eating. Cut back on unhealthy saturated fats and products with added sugar. You can do this by focusing on low-fat dairy products and having fish instead of red meat. Baby Center suggests getting as many high-fiber fruits and veggies as you can. Also drink at least 8 cups of fluids (preferably water) each day to make sure you're staying properly hydrated. If you can avoid soda, you'll cut back your sugar intake.

A healthy diet will help you to lose that baby weight and keep it off! Developing good eating habits early on will also help you to promote healthy choices with your children, so it truly is a winning situation for everyone.

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