Indoor activities to keep your kids busy on a rainy day

May 13, 2016

As a kid trying to take advantage of the freedom of summer vacation, being confined indoors on a rainy day can be somewhat of a disappointment. It's not supposed to rain on your party!

True, you can't plan the weather, but fortunately you can plan indoor fun that will have your kids maximizing on the pleasures of summer. Keep the good times rolling with these fun activities you and your kids can do when rainy weather strikes this summer:

1. Plot a treasure hunt.
Everyone loves a good scavenger hunt - so set up some clues for the kids that will lead them around the whole house until they eventually happen upon the treasure! Real Simple magazine explains that there are tons of ways you can deliver the clues to your kids. Try rhyming clues, or seal messages in envelopes marked "Top Secret," or make up a treasure map for them to follow until they get to X marks the spot. Have the grand prize be extra rewarding like a promise to take them to a movie that night - another perfect rainy day activity!

"Wage war with the extra pillows."

2. Design a pillow fort. 
Get creative with your kids and use all the pillows, blankets and rugs to design your custom pillow fort. They're perfect for rainy days when all you want to do is snuggle anyway. If you want to spice this activity up, you can have your kids or their friends build opposing forts and wage war with the extra pillows. 

Besides, what's the only thing that's better than building a good pillow fort? Tearing one down.

3. Put on a fashion show.
Kids love dressing up. A rainy day is a great time to whip out those old Halloween costumes or your old clothing that you still haven't gotten rid of from the '90s. PopSugar magazine says you can really make it special by creating a runway with either craft paper - that you can even go so far as to decorate yourself - or a rug runner. Have your kids pick out their best and most creative categories and then get the music going as they strut their stuff down the catwalk. Assign categories like, best business look, or best pirate look to ensure everyone can get involved, and then award points to the best one. Document the day as they go by snapping a picture of their best pose at the end of the runway. They'll love it!

Make some frozen treats using all natural fruit juice to brighten spirits on a rainy day.Make some frozen treats using all natural fruit juice to brighten spirits on a rainy day.

4. Make some tasty frozen treats.
It's not going to rain all summer long so make some homemade frozen treats for when the sun comes back out. PopSugar posted another article about a yummy popsicle that you can make using your favorite fresh fruits. Here's the ingredients you'll need:

  • 1/2 cup of peach cut into 1/2 inch slices
  • 2 sliced and peeled kiwis
  • 3/4 cup chopped strawberries
  • 1/2 cup strawberries
  • 1/2 cup raspberries
  • 1 1/2 cup all natural fruit juice.

 The instructions for putting these together are fairly simple. All you have to do is combine the fruit into a bowl and mix it around. Then spoon it into your popsicle mold - the source recommends a 3-ounce mold - and pour the juice over it so it just covers the fruit. Finally, add in your popsicle stick and freeze. It should take about 6 hours.

5. Hold your own film festival.
Do your kids like movies? Have a film festival right in your living room, recommends Real Simple. Deck it out with string lights and buckets of fresh popcorn to give the movie viewing experience a special feel. Make sure every kid picks out their own film to view. But, to give it a bit of an educational twist, have the kids do some research on the film that they have to present before the film starts. Just have them give a couple of fun facts about why they picked the film and quick synopsis - just make sure they don't give away the ending! Encourage them to pick films based on books they've read so they can give a super detailed description by enticing them with an extra incentive. Their choice of dessert possibly?

Pro tip: Maybe after they've been inspired by their favorite movies you can break out your video camera and direct a movie of your own. 

Bonus activity: Play in the rain.
Instead of letting the rain get you down, embrace it! Have the kids throw on their rain gear and go splash around in the puddles. Or, if you have a heated pool and there is no thunder and lightening, put on your swimsuits and take a dip! Swimming in the rain is super relaxing and you won't mind the drops because you're already wet.

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