How to have an exciting winter 'staycation'

December 03, 2014

Sometimes a traditional vacation just isn't in the budget over your kids' winter break. It would be nice to get away from the chilly weather in a warm locale, but you can also have a relaxing weekend from the comfort of your own home. A "staycation" is a great option for families on a budget, and there are lots of ways to make it fun for kids. Here are a few tips for taking a winter vacation without ever leaving your house.

Plan ahead
It's best to make a game plan to keep your at-home vacation fun for the whole family. Once you pick a weekend, create a list of activities and events going on around your neighborhood. When you have lots of options planned out, you'll be able to quickly banish any complaints of boredom. However, make sure you set a budget as well. One of the perks of a staycation is that it's friendly on your purse, but you'll undermine this benefit if you buy lots of event tickets or eat out every day.

Get rid of distractions
When you're relaxing in your home, it's easy to get distracted by unfinished chores or unanswered work emails. Living Well Spending Less recommends putting these types of tasks out of mind during your staycation. Try to finish any cleaning or laundry before your vacation begins, and log out of your work email accounts. You might also want to establish some ground rules about technology use with your kids so they're not glued to the couch all weekend.

Tackle a family project
If you want to fit in some quality bonding time with your kids, there's no better way than with a family project. Let your little ones each pick a small task they'd like to complete over your staycation, whether it's redecorating their rooms or trying a new recipe. It's sure to be a fun and rewarding experience when everyone works together to achieve a goal.

Be flexible
One of the most important steps to having a successful staycation is being flexible. Just like on a regular vacation, things won't always go according to plan. Don't worry if the weather is bad or an event gets canceled, and don't let your kids get upset either. Instead, use the change of plans to your advantage and work together to find a fun alternative. Focus on relaxing, doing things that you love and spending time with your loved ones.

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