How can parents bounce back from a bad day?

November 24, 2014

You can't predict when you're going to have a bad day at work or be swamped with personal problems, and this makes the occasional mommy meltdown unavoidable. Everyone has bad days, but it can affect your whole household when you're feeling less than a supermom. Your little ones won't know what's wrong and might assume it was something they did. It can be hard to shake your gloomy mood, so use these strategies to get rid of your stress and bounce back after a bad day. These methods will also work if your children are ever in a slump because of something that happened at school or with their friends. 

Get some fresh air
If you need some time to collect your thoughts and turn your mood around, heading outside is a great start. A little bit of fresh air can really do wonders to clear your head. Take a stroll around the block with your kids or even just sit on your porch for a few minutes. If you can fit in some exercise, that's even better because it will get your endorphins flowing. These hormones help boost your mood and will leave you feeling recharged. Whatever outdoor activity you choose, try not to dwell on the problems of the day. Instead, focus on enjoying the time you have with your family.

Talk about it
Sometimes you won't feel better until you acknowledge what's bothering you. If this is the case with your situation, set the kids up with a quiet activity and take a few minutes to chat with a confidant. Call up a co-worker, fellow parent or relative and tell him or her about your day. Many times you'll find that a friend or family member can shed a little light on the issue that's bothering you, and at the very least, you'll have someone to confide in. If your children have noticed that something's wrong, it's also worth while to sit down and tell them why you're upset. Keep it simple and let them know that they weren't to blame. Seeing how you handled a problem is a good lesson for children in conflict management. 

Hug it out
Does anything make you feel better than big bear hugs? Pull your little ones into a warm embrace and feel the love! It's a great way to remind yourself how lucky you are to have a wonderful family. When you're done, find your spouse and continue the hug spree. Sometimes a little unconditional love is just what you need to get back to your cheerful self. 

Do something fun
An exciting activity can help get your mind in a better place. Gather your family together and do something that you all love. Whether you sing along to your favorite soundtrack or kick around a soccer ball, you'll start to forget why you were upset in the first place. Another option is to sit down together and read a book. One fitting choice is "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day." When you replace your negative thoughts with fun new memories, you'll be ready to take on the rest of the day with a smile.

Reflect on what happened
Once you've shaken your sour mood, take a few minutes to think about why you were upset. You can try to prevent similar situations going forward if you identify the root of the problem. Figure out what caused your mommy meltdown and create a coping plan for future crises. When you can control your stress, you'll be able to dedicate more time to your family, and bad days won't affect your mood as much anymore. 

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