How can busy moms find time to exercise?

October 06, 2015

As a busy mom, trying to find the time to squeeze in that daily workout often seems near impossible. From taking care of young ones to making dinner and grocery shopping, there never seems to be enough time in the day. The good news is that there are ways to incorporate exercise into any hectic schedule!

Combine errands and exercise
Instead of driving to the grocery store or post office, take your bike there with a basket attached to hold your groceries. If your errands are farther away, park in the farthest spot possible so that you can maximize walking time. If your children's school is close enough to walk to, walk them to and from school each day.

Find a health club with child care
If you have trouble finding someone you trust to watch your children while you attend a workout or yoga class, Baby Center suggests looking into local health clubs that also offer babysitting or daycare services. Some gyms even offer postpartum classes that you can take with your baby. 

Jogging with your child in a stroller is a great form of exercise.Jogging with your child in a stroller is a great form of exercise.

Invest in a jog stroller
A jog stroller is a great way to take advantage of naptime. When your young one is ready for their afternoon or morning nap, tuck them into your jog stroller and take off for some outdoor cardio. According to The "Today" Show, these strollers are made with large wheels, which put less strain on your wrists and arms and are easier to push. Not only are you squeezing in your fitness, but you and your child are both getting quality fresh air.

At-home workouts
From body-weight circuits to kickboxing DVDs, and Wii Fit exercise systems to just plain stretching, there are endless ways to work up a sweat right at home. According to Women's Health magazine you can even get a five minute total-body workout without any equipment at all. Take advantage of a few spare moments before your kids wake up in the morning or even once they've gone to bed.

If you're still struggling to squeeze in that work out, just remember that every little bit counts. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or spending more time digging in the garden, walking the dog, even running around with your children outside for a little bit each day makes a difference.

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